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We bring back the Santa Fe with great action in many So.Cal. locations. This parade of power over the decades is a tribute to one of the most popular western railroads of all time. The scenes are taken from old movie film shot by many railfans. The material from the early 90s was shot on video before the end of the Santa Fe as an independent company.

The paint schemes shown are all the phases from the early black with white stripes and beautiful passenger F-units with freight bluebonnet power and, the later yellow bonnets.

The video of the 90s shows a revival of the red & silver warbonnet theme that the Santa Fe used to reclaim all the public recognition that their service deserved.

Many of the video scenes were selected from our retired videos on Cajon, Tehachapi and the Needles Subdivision. They represent a composite of the very best pre-merger Santa Fe scenes shot with multiple cameras. Itís really amazing that the Santa Fe has been gone for over a decade now. We hope this video will renew your interest in herÖ

Length: 1 hour 34 minutes

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