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Visit The Fabulous electric railroads that once roamed the Great Salt Lake area. The lines featured are the Bamberger Railroad, The Utah Idaho Central, Salt Lake Garfield & Western, (Saltair), and the Salt Lake & Utah Railroad. Passenger and freight operation, with nostalgic scenes and lots of history, make this a 'must see' video.

The Bamberger and the Saltair both operated trains to amusement parks -- such as Lagoon Park and the Saltair Pavilion. We cover those topics as well as express LCL service. Ride the trains from Salt Lake City to Logan, Idaho and down to Preston, Utah and see a vanished way of living. Take a pleasant trip out on the Salt Lake by rail to the Saltair Pavilion. See streetcars in Salt Lake City with vintage city scenes that will 'take you back' to the WWII era. And don't forget to take the ride on a Bamberger high-speed Brill car.

The gigantic Kennecott Copper Corporation pit mine of Bingham Canyon is a feature with a fascinating vintage-look at one of Utah's major industries that has provided employment and prosperity. See the circa-1920 pit mine electric trains and the giant electric ore trains to the concentrators around Magna. The Kennecott Copper Corporation's operation in East Nevada is also covered as a comparison.

Our usual maps, accurate sound, graphics and historical information help tie all this wonderful vintage material together to form a nice look at the Salt Lake area from an electric railroader's perspective.

Length: 1 hour 6 minutes

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