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Glistening vintage color film of Southern Pacifics world famous Coast Line Route. See Santa Barbara in the early forties with daylights and troop trains all pulled by steam. Huge cab forwards are also shown with long blocks of reefers. View the men and women of the SP over sixty years ago, all pitching in for the war effort. Southern Pacific's transition from steam to diesel is well covered with plenty of F-units in both bloody nose and black widow liveries.

Visit Old Taylor Yard with lots of GP-9's and SD-7's and witness some of SP's rare DD-35B's and the giant U-50's in West Colton transfer service. Also included is classic Tehachapi, Beaumont Hill and Old Cajon Pass with U-33C's and older SD-39's and GP-35's as helper and mainline power. Climb aboard passenger excursions on the freight only Santa Paula and Burbank Branches powered by sets of F-Units. A step back through the last fifty years on the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Some Locations:

Oakland and San Jose San Joaquin Line Cajon Pass 1967 Tehachapi 1955-1971 Los Angeles area Taylor Yard 1965 Colton Crossing Kaiser ore at Ferrum Santa Paula Branch Burbank Branch Cascade and Shasta And much more

Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

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DIESEL POWER ON THE SP DVD SD119DVDRegular price: $29.50Sale price: $22.00
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