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In a little town on Japan’s west coast we find this small-town streetcar. It could be a town in North America in the 1930’s as about the only thing that is different is the pantograph. The gauge is smaller, but then everything else is also, so it is less noticeable. The car has conventional controls and our cab view keeps the controls in sight. We hear all the right noises: the familiar “chugging” compressor, air brakes, grinding motor gear sounds and thanks to a lack of welded rails, the clacking rail joints. This interesting line has two sections of private right-of-way and two of street running. It is largely single track. There has been no modernization here, it’s just a small town streetcar grinding and bouncing its way down the middle of the street, and through back yards. This program was taken in a mix of weather, has some runbys.

46 Minutes.

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