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The Meitetsu, or Nagoya Railway is a large interurban system. Its double track main line is on the order of the “North Shore” with the feel of big time railroading. Meitetsu is a business not a government agency. Much of the main line was built as an electric railway, and this is revealed in its profile. It was not, however, built in the logical order in which it is presently operated, and this is explained through graphics illustrating when each segment was built, and its original terminus. On our ride we see a steady precession of trains as we travel from Gifu, through Nagoya and end on a little branch in Toyokawa. We ride a high-speed Panorama express, skipping many smaller station but stopping at most of the larger ones. I requires about 1 Hour and 40 Minutes to complete the trip.

1 Hour 40 Minutes

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